Akira Iwase

Akira Iwase


Current Position
Professor and Chair
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine

Education and Career

1995 M.D., Nagoya University School of Medicine
2001 Ph.D., Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine
2001-2003 Postdoctoral Fellow, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
2003-2018 Professor (at the time of resignation), Center for Maternal-Neonatal Care, Nagoya University Hospital
2018 Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gunma University Graduate School of Mediciney

Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Delegate, Board Certified Specialist and Educator)
Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine (Board Member, Board Certified Specialist)
Japan Society of Fertilization and Implantation (Board Member)
Japan Endocrine Society (Delegate, Board Certified Endocrinologist and Certified Endocrine Educator)
Japan Society of Gynecologic and Obstetric Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Therapy (Board Member, Board Certified Specialist)
Japan Society of Endometriosis (Board Member)
Japan Society of Reproductive Endocrinology (Executive Board Member)
Japan Society of Assisted Reproduction (Executive Board Member)

Editorial Boards
Editorial Board of
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology,
Gynecology and Minimally Invasive Therapy

Editor of
Reproductive Medicine and Biology
Endocrine Journal

Research Fields and Interests
His research interest includes clinical assessment of ovarian reserve, reproductive endocrinology, and endometriosis.

Over 90 papers in English including:
Synergy in tumor suppression by direct interaction of neutral endopeptidase with PTEN. Sumitomo M, Iwase A, Zheng R, Navarro D, Kaminetzky D, Shen R, Georgescu MM, Nanus DM. Cancer Cell 2004;5:67-78
Use of follicle-stimulating hormone test to predict poor response in in vitro fertilization. Iwase A, Ando H, Kuno K, Mizutani S. Obstet Gynecol 2005; 105:645-52
Neutral endopeptidase expressed by decidualized stromal cells suppresses akt phosphorylation and deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis induced by endothelin-1 in human endometrium. Iwase A, Ando H, Nagasaka T, Shibata D, Harata T, Shimomura Y, Goto M, Kikkawa F. Endocrinology 2006; 147: 5153-9
Serum anti-Mullerian hormone level is a useful marker for evaluating the impact of laparoscopic cystectomy on ovarian reserve , Iwase A, Hirokawa W, Goto M, Takikawa S, Nagatomo Y, Nakahara T, Manabe S, Kikkawa F. Fertil Steril 2010; 94: 2846-9
The post-operative decline in serum anti-Mullerian hormone correlates with the bilaterality and severity of endometriosis. , Hirokawa W, Iwase A, Goto M, Takikawa S, Nagatomo Y, Nakahara T, Bayasula B, Nakamura T, Manabe S, Kikkawa F. Hum Reprod 2011; 284: 1567-72
Establishment of a human nonluteinized granulosa cell line that transitions from the gonadotropin-independent to the gonadotropin-dependent status. Bayasula, Iwase A, Kiyono T, Takikawa S, Goto M, Nakamura T, Nagatomo Y, Nakahara T, Kotani T, Kobayashi H, Kondo M, Manabe S, Kikkawa F. Endocrinology 2012; 153: 2851-60
The ferroimmunomodulatory role of endometrial stromal cells in ovarian endometriosis. Kobayashi H, Yamashita Y, Iwase A, Yoshikawa Y, Yasui H, Kawai Y, Uchida K, Uno N, Akatsuka S, Takahashi T, Kikkawa F, Toyokuni S. Fertil Steril 2012; 98: 415-22
One-year follow-up serum anti-Müllerian hormone levels in patients with cystectomy: Are different sequential changes due to different mechanisms causing damage to the ovarian reserve? Sugita A, Iwase A, Goto M, Nakahara T, Nakamura T, Kondo M, Osuka S, Mori M, Saito A, Kikkawa F. Fertil Steril 2013;100:516-22
Antimüllerian hormone as a possible predictor of fecudability in subfertile women over 38 yeasrs: A retrospective cohort study. Kato N, Iwase A, Sugita A, Goto M, Nakahara T, Nakamura T, Kondo M, Osuka S, Mori M, Saito A, Kikkawa F. Gynecol Endocrinol 2015;31:22-5
Involvement of mesosalpinx in endometrioma is a possible risk factor for decrease of ovarian reserve after cystectomy: a retrospective cohort study. Saito A, Iwase A, Nakamura T, Osuka S, Bayasula, Murase T, Kato N, Ishida C, Takikawa S, Goto M, Kikkawa F Reprod Biol Endocrinol 2016;14:72
Involvement if transcriptional factor 21 in the pathogenesis of fibrosis in endometriosis. Ganieva U, Nakamura T, Osuka S, Bayasula, Nakanishi N, Kasahara Y, Takasaki N, Muraoka A, Hayashi S, Nagai T, Murase T, Goto M, Iwase A, Kikkawa F. Am J Pathol

For more info: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Akira-Iwase-4