Exhibitor’s Checklist

Forms Deadline
Company Information (Exhibitor Portal)

★ Company name

★ Address

★ Contact person, Contact Number

★ Contact Email

★ Company Website

★ Company Profile: (100 words)

★ Company logo (Adobe Illustrator file format)

13 March, 2020
Booth Fascia Name (Exhibitor Portal)
FORM A: Exhibitor Badge, Contractor Badge & Vehicle Pass
FORM B: Furniture Order Form 20 March, 2020
FORM C: Electrical & Lighting Order
FORM D: Audio-Visual Equipment Order
FORM E: Location Plan
FORM F: Nominated Stand Contractor 6 March, 2020
FORM G: Payment Method 31 March, 2020
  1. Forms A-G must be completed and returned to the ASPIRE 2020 Congress Secretariat via email sponsor@aspire2020.org by their respective deadlines.
  2. To expedite matters, please also enclose all necessary payments, samples, plans and other relevant materials to the appropriate parties. Any forms received after the respective deadlines or without appropriate payment/materials are unable to be processed.
  3. Exhibitors who join the Exhibition after the deadlines stipulated are requested to submit all forms immediately.
  4. Zone A exhibitors will be provided with a raw space for custom-built booths. Zone B, C and D exhibitors will be provided with a standard shell scheme booth. However, if you like, you can choose to opt for raw space to custom build your booths. For custom-built booths on ‘raw space’, design and construction plans including electrical, lighting and telephone installation sketches must be submitted to the ASPIRE 2020 Congress Secretariat no later than 6 March 2020 for approval by the Organiser and the Venue.

Exhibitor Schedule


Agenda Day/Date Time
Official booth contractor move-in Wed, 15 April 2020 1900hrs – 0000hrs
Exhibitor move in
★ Custom-built booths Thurs, 16 April 2020 0800hrs – 1800hrs
★ Shell scheme booths Thurs, 16 April 2020 1300hrs – 1800hrs
Exhibitor registration Thurs, 16 April 2020 0800hrs – 1700hrs
Exhibition opening hours Fri, 17 April 2020
Sat, 18 April 2020
Sun, 19 April 2020
0900hrs – 2000hrs
0900hrs – 1830hrs
0900hrs – 1400hrs
Exhibitor move out
Exhibitors to clear booths
Sun, 19 April 2020 1430hrs – 1600hrs
Booth dismantling
Contractor access for booth dismantle
Sun, 19 April 2020 1600hrs – 1900hrs