Ling Chi

Ling Chi

(Hong Kong)

Professor Ling Chi is certified by the American Board of Bioanalysis as a High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director (HCLD) and Clinical Consultant (CC) in the United States. She has more than 10 years of experience as an IVF lab Director in the United States. Before entering clinical embryology, Professor Chi was a molecular biology researcher in New York. In 1993, she cloned and published the human GnRH receptor cDNA sequence, which was originally named as LC27-4 to reflect her contribution.

In 2015, Professor Chi joined the OB/GYN department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as the scientific officer and the IVF Laboratory director. In 2017, she was tasked to establish the first master’s degree program in reproductive medicine and clinical embryology in the Hong Kong area. As the Chairperson of Course Advisory Committee and Deputy Director for this Master program, Professor Chi designed and developed the entire curriculum. She also taught and supervised the first two classes of Master’s degree students.

Currently, Professor Chi is the Chief Scientific Officer of Jinxin Fertility Group Limited, China; an Adjunct Associate Professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong; a Chairperson of SIG on Embryology for ASPIRE; a Member of the Accreditation Committee of ASPIRE; an Editorial Board Member on the Journal of Reproductive and Development Medicine; and a reviewer for several international professional journals including Fertility and Sterility, and Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine.