Instructions for Poster Presenters

Poster Size and Mounting

Poster presenters are required to prepare their poster according to the specifications below:
Abstract Number:

At the top left-hand corner of poster

Poster Dimensions:

0.9m Width x 1.2m Height, PORTRIAT layout


Please ensure that the font size for your text content is at least point 24. Larger font size is expected for the abstract titles, authors and sub-headings.You are required to include your abstract number, authors’ names, affiliations and countries in the poster.

Each presenter will be allocated to a schedule and board number to display their poster. Board number can be found on the top left-hand of the poster board (as shown in illustration).

Presenters are required to strictly adhere to the abstract and board number advised to them as the numberings will be reflected in the scientific e-programme book.

Mounting supplies:

( cellulose tape, adhesive Velcro and blue-tack, double-sided tape, scissors and knives ) will be available at the poster display area during the set-up period. Poster Presenters are NOT ALLOWED to use push pins, staples or self-adhesive posters directly on the poster board. NO computer or other multimedia facilities will be available at the venue for poster presentation.

Location & Time :

The poster display will be located at 2F, Reception Hall, PICC on 5 and 6 August 2020

Please note that each poster will be displayed for ONE day according to allocated schedule.

Poster Set up and Removal Schedule:

Schedule will be updated soon

Session Set up Time Coffee-Breaks Dismantle Time
5 August 5 August 07:30-08:00 09:45-10:30 16:35-17:05 5 August 18:00-18:30
6 August 6 August
6 August

Presenters are encouraged to stand by their poster for discussion during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks on their scheduled day of presentation.

Please note that posters that are not removed by the dismantle time advised in above table will be disposed by the venue workers and will NOT be returned to the authors.

All accepted presenters will receive poster presentation schedule and other details in the beginning of June.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Secretariat at